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Digital Agent is Atlanta's best business internet provider.
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Want actual human beings supporting your internet needs? Digital Agent is Atlanta’s best Business Internet Provider

Want actual human beings supporting your internet needs? Digital Agent is Atlanta’s best Business Internet Provider

Your internet connection goes down. You contact customer service only to reach an automated system. You start punching ‘0’ to get an actual human to speak with and end up in an automated loop. Time wasted. Frustration high. Sound familiar?

The benefits of technology make our lives easier. But customer service related to technology has a terrible reputation. It generally remains inaccessible and unresponsive. It seems almost impossible to reach an actual human being. When you finally do, the person doesn’t understand your needs.

Automated services exhaust clients resulting in aggravation. The constant referrals to Help Forums, FAQs and Blogs are too generic and do nothing to ease clients’ concerns. Generalized solutions do not solve underlying issues because each customer service issue is unique to that customer.

What you want is a company that is much more human, relatable and reliable. A company that believes in and embraces customer service and client satisfaction. Customer service should always be personal, professional and competent.

Digital Agent offers passionate, expert and local customer service for all your business internet needs. We ensure timely and reliable business internet services anywhere in the Atlanta metro area. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone, wait all day for someone to show up, or be without access to your internet-dependent business resources for an extended period.

We are customer service junkies! We have actual human beings managing our customer service. Human beings who are engineers. Who are technology geeks. Who love solving problems. Our expert engineers relish a client calling customer service. Then they can jump in, diagnose the specific issues and find the right solution. No transferring or escalating to someone else. You get the best every time.

At Digital Agent, we take our customer service responsibilities seriously. You will always reach a top-tier engineer when you call. Each of our engineers is a passionate expert with an average of over ten years of experience. At Digital Agent you get what you need when you need it.

Our customers say it best:

“I have worked with Digital Agent now for over six years, and I have been and continue to be impressed with their customer service, attention to detail and a keen understanding of customer needs. Digital Agent goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, and I can say based upon my experience that they are a first-class organization, with the skills, experience, and leadership to get the job done right.” Marvin Santerfeit

Call Digital Agent today for a free phone consultation about your Atlanta business internet needs.