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What do music, motorcycles, and travel have to do with business phone, internet and IT services?

What do music, motorcycles, and travel have to do with business phone, internet and IT services?

Choosing a business phone, internet and IT service provider isn’t complicated. You can choose the big dogs or the guy around the corner, but are these the type of individuals who will be committed to your business? Do they get the results you need?

Digital Agent: passionate, committed people

In 1998, when CEO Howard Hunter started Digital Agent, he wanted to create a business environment that would be fully committed to employees and to customers. The starting point would be to find the type of people that had the specific technical abilities and that would be a fit for a different kind of business culture.

Howard believed that if employees wanted to come to work every day, customers would receive extraordinary results. You can probably tell that Howard is not your typical CEO. His background and passions are music and opera and the Atlanta Braves, plus he has an interest in motorcycles. His idea of business culture was more like a family-run business, one of individuals working together toward common goals, always to the benefit of the customer.

A well-rounded group of successful business people

Joining the company in 2001, Boyd Webb, VP of Engineering, brought his incredible technical expertise along with his avid interests in music and motorcycles.

Josh Gerber, Senior Sales Executive, seamlessly merges technology with customer needs. He truly works for the customer’s best interest and he appreciates motorcycles, fine beer and a good Labrador Retriever.

Loaded with technical expertise, Cabot Howell, VP of IT and CTO, built his own successful IT business over 20 years so he is especially keen on how technology impacts a customer’s business. He has a superhero complex and loves saving the day by solving your IT problems.

A 16-year corporate sales and marketing veteran, Lori Phillips is a diligent martial arts and gaming enthusiast who likes puppies. She builds strong relationships with people throughout the business environment.

Keyur Patel, VP of Customer Experience, loves travel, golf and solving problems. Not long after graduating from Georgia Tech with an engineering degree, Keyur joined the company and rose quickly to the management team due to his singular ability to solve the puzzle that is a customer’s technology infrastructure.

A company that brings the like-minded people together

Digital Agent is successful because the company has dedicated professionals who love the work they do and love serving customers. Speak with one of our amazing people and learn how our team of committed individuals can help your business.