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October Puzzler

October Puzzler

Digital Agent engineers solve complex puzzles for our customers every day. Can you solve the Puzzle we created for you?

Train A and Train B are on the same track 120 miles apart travelling at a speed of 30mph towards each other. A dog with a jetpack is sitting on the front of Train A, and starts flying toward Train B at 100 MPH. When he reaches Train B, he turns around instantly and flies toward Train A, still at 100 MPH. He repeats this process until the trains collide. How far did the dog travel in total?

Hint: The dog never changes his speed.

Using the hint, since the dog’s speed never changes (only his direction), if we know how much TIME the dog spends flying between the trains, we can figure out his total distance travelled. We can do this by focusing on just the trains. Since they are moving at the same speed, they will meet at the exact middle point, so each will travel 60 miles before colliding. Moving at 30 mph, this will take 2 hours to happen. In 2 hours, the bee (flying 100 mph) will cover a total of 200 miles.

“There is no real answer because dogs do not wear jetpacks. :p
(I gave up trying to solve this after 3 minutes) LOL!” – Anonymous


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