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What makes a great company culture for business phone, internet, and IT engineers?

What makes a great company culture for business phone, internet, and IT engineers?

The perks some companies are offering when competing for qualified employees have become somewhat extreme.  Free beer on Fridays, a personal assistant for every employee, unlimited vacation are just a few, to seemingly bribe candidates into joining their company.

These perks are certainly enticing, but what really motivates business phone, internet, and IT engineers to choose one company versus another?   According to the 2018 Brand Health Report conducted by Hire.com, the top five factors considered by tech professionals when applying for a position include:

  1. 55%  – Compensation & Benefits
  2. 45%  – Company Culture
  3. 44% –  Opportunity to Learn New Skills
  4. 29% –  Challenging Technical Problems to Solve
  5. 28%  – Team Environment


In actuality, a “company’s culture” jumped to the #2 spot, leap-frogging above “the opportunity to learn new skills,” which has held that spot since 2017.  A “negative company culture” was cited by 36% of the respondents as a factor that turns tech talent away from applying with a company.

Digital Agent understands the importance of a “positive company culture…”

Howard Hunter founded Digital Agent with the idea that a workplace should be a place where employees want to spend time, work hard, learn and be challenged daily, but also, have fun!  Yet, the company culture at Digital Agent includes much more:

Attributes of Digital Agent’s company culture involve:

  • Visionary leadership
  • “Geeking out” about your passions
  • Respect for a positive work/life balance
  • Trusted team members who are cohesive and supportive
  • Ownership of the customer’s experience
  • Creativity and innovation are both valued and encouraged
  • Employee autonomy, including a flexible schedule or work-from-home options
  • Learning and advancement opportunities
  • Open-door management


Digital Agent is a company of exceptional people working together to solve challenging issues for both the benefit of the customer and the company. Our employees are committed to overcoming complex challenges at the highest professional level.

Digital Agent employees are dedicated to what they do, successfully solving customer’s unique IT issues.  There is a culture of continuous learning and knowledge-sharing.  When someone has a vexing IT issue, Digital Agent engineers jump in to help.

Building strong relationships of trust with customers and employees is Digital Agent’s corporate DNA

Any company can offer a mix of exceptional benefits and great pay.  However, finding a company that has great benefits, and promotes creativity within a problem-solving culture, is unique.   Digital Agent realizes that when employees are happy and successful, customers benefit and are satisfied, and everyone wins!
Join our visionary leaders and passionate engineers to be the innovative solution our customers need. Check out Digital Agent careers today.