Thinking about transitioning to cloud computing? Pro vs Cons
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Thinking about transitioning to cloud computing? Pro vs Cons


Thinking about transitioning to cloud computing? Pro vs Cons

Is cloud computing right for your business?

cloud-computing-servicesThe past decade has experienced explosive growth in the cloud computing sector. Before transitioning to the cloud, you should understand its benefits as well as any potential setbacks.

The Pros

Although the cloud provides your business with countless benefits, the most important ones include:

a)    Scalability

You don’t have to worry about regularly purchasing new IT infrastructure as your business grows. Cloud computing makes it easy for you to expand.

b)    Cost-effectiveness

Because cloud service providers specialize in this field, they invest in R&D. The benefits gained from economies of scale are then passed on to you, making your IT processes more efficient.

c)    Security and Reliability

With B2B cloud services, you’re ensured regular back-ups for your precious data. Your IT infrastructure and software are protected from malware and other harmful attacks.

d)    Integration with Other Applications

Cloud computing makes it easier for your business to access other useful applications. This saves you the cost of having to code new software. Instead, you can focus on improving your services to your clients.

These and many more benefits make cloud computing the better option for your IT needs.

The Cons

The only possible drawback you might experience after transitioning to the cloud is higher bandwidth usage. Overall, the IT costs incurred will still be low compared to the massive gains you will enjoy. A competent service provider should easily help keep your cloud computing costs at a manageable level.

Ready to Transition to the Cloud?

In the course of our 20 year existence, Digital Agent has witnessed the evolution of cloud computing. We offer numerous options for cloud computing including Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

Our expertise in both hardware and software aspects of cloud services means you can concentrate on your core business without worrying about complicated IT needs. Although based in Atlanta, Digital Agent’s cloud solutions are available to clients across North America. Contact us to chat more about the cloud.