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Business Internet: What are your options?

Business Internet: What are your options?

business internet optioinsIt’s easy to sign up for the first business internet service you come across. But you should know that not all internet service providers offer the same service.

As a business owner, you need to analyze each option before you make a commitment to any old Service Provider. That is, unless you decide to go with a Professional Solutions AND Service Provider like Digital Agent, who can help you dissect your business’s priorities and build a custom solution that meets each of your company’s nuances.

Managed Coax 

Coax, AKA Cable Internet, is the most popular option for residences and small businesses because it’s typically the cheapest solution. With a Coax connection, you can do what you need to do like browse the web, run VoIP, stream videos, share average file sizes, etc.

However, you will probably find that the internet speed slows down during peak hours as the cable bandwidth is shared among local users. Most businesses that move forward with this solution typically face major pain as they grow, and especially if their business is 100% dependent on the internet as connection is very unreliable. Imagine a coffee shop whose cash registers are only a tablet with a card swipe connected to their local Coax internet provider. When the shop gets crowded with customers (aka WIFI users), all of a sudden, your employees can no longer take transactions because the internet connection is unreliable. Of course, this isn’t even touching the security rick of running a credit card machine over a shared internet network. This is precisely why even small businesses need a professional to help decipher the best internet solution for your business.


Fiber-optic is increasing in adoption among businesses that continually share files, are dependent on backups and have internet software that is mission critical to the business. It is the best business internet solution in regards to speed and reliability. Though not as widely available as Coax, it offers equal upload and download bandwidth and makes scalability easy.

Digital Agent excels here. With the ability to offer 99.999% reliability with Fiber Internet connections, Digital Agent increase most business’s productivity, security and bottom line.


Digital Agent would only suggest this connection after exhausting all other options. This is because of the inconsistent download speeds and slow uploads that sometimes even require the use of dialup. The slow upload speeds make it impossible to use with standard business necessities like VoIP.

If you’re having trouble finding an internet provider, a solution provider like Digital Agent would have your back by helping you find the best option in your area or by making satellite work as best as physically possible with 24/7/365 support.


This is also known as an Analog line and is available almost anywhere. Being one of the most reliable solutions, this connection is best as a backup internet for the mission-critical aspects of your business or safety. Examples of why a solutions architect would suggest T1 internet for your business would be in the event of emergency hotlines, elevators, security systems, etc. At Digital Agent, we provide, install and support our T1 circuits.

Select the Best Business Internet for Your Needs

Digital Agent is in the business of setting you up right the first time, managing security risks, bandwidth upgrades and potential outages before you ever notice any gaps. Internet and other IT functions are best left to the experts.

We understand your desire to improve your company’s internet connection and that is why we use our strong partnerships with multiple cable providers to get you the best from the internet solution best fit for your needs.

Contact Digital Agent today to get the best solution for your business.