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IT Infrastructure Checklist for New Office Space

IT Infrastructure Checklist for New Office Space

it infrastructureMoving into new office space presents many opportunities, but it also comes with challenges, such as setting up new IT infrastructure. Digital Agent, an all-in-one IT solutions provider,  has been making integrations work seamlessly for its clients for over 20 years. Here’s a general list of considerations when moving to a new office space.


Now is the time to check the industry and decide whether it’s time to purchase an up-to-date phone system. Many companies run on legacy phone systems and don’t even realize there are significantly more efficient and cost effective upgrades out there! If you decide to keep your phone system, consider what’s going to happen with your phones during the transition. Be proactive and a plan so that when customers call, they never reach a dial-tone or disconnected message.


In some cases, it can take up to 90 days to activate the internet in your new space, so get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Most companies can’t operate without internet access for an extended period of time.

Wireless Access Points

In order to have WiFi, you need to set up your networking hardware. Your previous solution may not work in your new office space. Differences in size, layout, and wall construction can make a difference when it comes to WiFi access. You may need new hardware or you might need to add more access points. It’s helpful to have an expert build a heat map to strategize this piece.


It’s important to check the wiring in the new location. Many contractors don’t include the low voltage portion of your wiring. Low voltage wiring is necessary for phone lines, intercoms, and other business essentials. Unless you’re an experienced electrician, this isn’t something you can do yourself.


Moving into new office space is the perfect time to get new hardware. If you have any outdated equipment, consult with your IT vendor and see about upgrading.


Are you moving to a new space to expand your business? If so, you’ll probably need to invest in additional workstations. There are more questions here to discern like, should we build our space around our current workstation, or should we allow for any kind of workstation setup? Furthermore, simply moving workstations isn’t as simple as setting up a personal PC or laptop at home, so it pays to have some hands-on as well as strategic help from an IT specialist.

On-Premises Servers

If you have any onsite servers, the new location needs a dedicated server room or a room that can fulfill that purpose. Moving servers isn’t as simple as unplugging them in one place and plugging them back in at another. This requires a lot of planning and careful execution. Even if you already have in-house IT staff, it helps to have a partner that has completed this process many times.

Doing all of this alone is complicated and there’s a big learning-curve, especially when you’re already managing the other aspects of your move. Look to an expert who’s consulted every technological aspect of an office move successfully for 20 years. Contact Digital Agent today.