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Business Internet: Fiber vs Coax?

Business Internet: Fiber vs Coax?

business internetFiber or Coax? Which Internet connection is right for your business? The two most prevalent and popular options – fiber-optic and cable-internet – give you plenty to choose from. In this article, we’ll compare fiber optics and coax(copper) internet, the benefits of fiber optics, and the pros and cons of cable internet.

What Is Coax?

Coax, short for coaxial cable, utilizes copper cable to transmit data. It’s one of the oldest forms of internet and businesses have been using it successfully for over two decades.

Benefits of Coax

As an older technology, coax is a cheaper option for business internet. It’s also widely available. Pretty much anywhere you can get cable television (that is to say, everywhere) you can get coax internet.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet is a relative newcomer to the commercial internet scene. It makes use of tiny rods made of glass or plastic to send data at the speed of light. Currently, fiber is not as widely available as other forms of internet — only 25% of the population has access to it.

Benefits of Business Fiber

Simply put, fiber is faster and more reliable than coax. It uses a dedicated line, meaning you aren’t sharing a connection with other users. You’ll always get the download and upload speed advertised.

Choosing Between Business Fiber and Coax

Both fiber and coax internet connections have their upsides and downsides. Fiber is more stable, with an impressive 99.999% uptime. In addition, you aren’t sharing the connection with others, so you’ll always get your full download and upload speed. If you need reliability and consistency — say you use VoIP phones and can’t do without any downtime or dropped calls — then fiber is your best bet.

With that said, coax is still a good choice for some businesses. Particularly those that can do without the internet for short periods of time.

It comes down to what you need and what you’re willing to spend. Want the best performance and the most reliability? Go with fiber. On a strict budget and don’t necessarily need reliable internet? A cheap coax connection will suffice.

Why Choose Digital Agent?

Still need help deciding? Choosing a business internet connection is a complex affair, and you want to get it right for your growing business. Digital Agent partnerships allow them to provide big box solution without the big box headache. By assessing your goals and analyzing your network, Digital Agent provides you with a customized solution that grows alongside your business. For more information, contact us at Digital Agent today.