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IT Security: Employee Habits That Put Your Company At Risk


IT Security: Employee Habits That Put Your Company At Risk

You want to trust your employees to make smart decisions, but the fact remains that there are innocent mistakes that employees can make every day that could lead to serious IT security breaches. Numerous surveys have shown that poor security habits are rampant among employees. This is why it is imperative to address this problem in your enterprise before a simply mistake costs you money. Here are a few employee habits that put your company at risk.

Using Public Wi-Fi

Threat number one is employees improperly using public Wi-Fi at work. Public Wi-FI typically offers little in the way of security. It allows anyone to see what’s happening on the network. Connecting public Wi-Fi outside of work can also be a risk. An employee may use their phone to connect to Wi-Fi at a restaurant or coffee shop, and then bring that phone into work to access your secured connection. Suddenly, it’s a lot less secure.

The solution to this is simple. Let employees know the risk of using public Wi-Fi at work or on work devices. Employees should never do business on your guest Wi-Fi connection. In fact, they should never even connect to it on devices they use for work, even if it’s technically their personal device.

Visiting Unsafe Websites

Do your employee know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Do they know how to identify web-based malware? If you’re not sure, then training is required. Poor web-surfing habits can easily lead to security breaches in the workplace, whether through stolen passwords or ransomware that is inadvertently downloaded from a website.

Falling For Phishing Schemes

Phishing is more common than ever. It costs almost nothing to send out hundreds or even thousands of fake emails requesting personal information. Even if one employee falls for it then your entire organization can be compromised.

Educate your employees about the most common phishing schemes, but the best way to fight phishing is to stop it at its source. There are a number of IT security solutions out there that will filter out phishing attempts well before employees get the chance to see them.

Digital Agent Has You Covered

Digital Agent’s Sentry is a well-rounded security package that takes into account risks at every angle, including the largest risk: the end user. Contact us today for more information on protecting your IT infrastructure with Sentry.