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When I Say O365, You Say SaaS. O365 – SaaS!

When I Say O365, You Say SaaS. O365 – SaaS!

Microsoft’s share of the cloud and productivity market continues to grow at an impressive pace, showing how crucial the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector is to enterprises that use IT services.

SaaS is a solution that allows you to purchase cloud-based software on a subscription model, rather than traditional licensing.

Common Causes of Data Loss in Cloud-based Software as a Service

As an example of SaaS, Office 365 (O365) offers better security, convenience, and data backup solutions compared to traditional Office installations.

Although Microsoft stores and archives your messages, that doesn’t mean your data is entirely safe. There are some circumstances beyond O365’s control that might lead to data loss. These include:

Human Error

This could happen either deliberately or by accident. If someone in your company deletes essential emails, important contacts,  calendar invitations, files, your company could suffer a significant setback. Microsoft only stores deleted data for a short period of time until the data is gone forever.

Malicious Attacks

These could be executed by hackers who want to steal some sensitive company files. The data is either sold in the black market or used to cripple your operations.

Hackers use methods such as brute force attacks, installing malware and social engineering strategies like ransomware and phishing.

Corrupt Software

Once in a while, your O365 application may be corrupted as a result of a bug, or incompatibility with other applications that you depend on.

It’s wise to anticipate all security threats that might affect your data. Many organizations are increasingly hiring third-party IT service providers specifically for this purpose.

Why You Need Office 365 Backup

While Microsoft offers the ability to recover some of your lost files, sometimes this  proves inadequate an inconveniently untimely. A third party IT company introduces a new layer of security that stores your data while keeping it guarded from attacks that come in through your company.

Could your company survive if your emails, calendar and contacts were lost? The cost of SaaS Protection is insignificant compared to the losses you could suffer after a data breach.

A Stress-Free Solution to O365 Backup

Digital Agent is your one-stop shop. With our two-decade experience in IT service provision and our own in house data center, we understand how cloud-based SaaS products work.

We also have an unmatched track record in backing up and securing our clients’ data. Contact us today for more information. Although headquartered in Atlanta, we offer our services to clients in the U.S. and Canada.