Commissioners Guide to Upgrading a Legacy Business Phone System
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Commissioners Guide to Upgrading a Legacy Business Phone System

Commissioners Guide to Upgrading a Legacy Business Phone System

There are a number of reasons why government offices still use legacy business phone systems. Many times it may be a resistance to change, especially in the public sector where things traditionally move slowly. This resistance can result in missing out on countless new productivity-enhancing features.

It becomes harder to upgrade the longer you wait but, eventually, your legacy systems will need to be replaced. Having to rush to get a new system in the event of your legacy system crashing will make the entire process more difficult.

If your government office is currently using a legacy system and you have been thinking about an upgrade, begin planning as soon as possible. To help, here’s a short guide about upgrading your legacy business phone system.

Research What You’re Missing

Are there features out there that could boost your bottom line productivity? Is there a system that could solve ongoing call quality issues? Are there cheaper ways to do what you’re doing now? Odds are you can find a phone system that meets all of these needs and more. You can’t know what you’re missing out on unless you get out there and look.

Involve Everyone In The Process

Many people will be using the new system so be sure to solicit user’s feedback and keep them informed. Ask about how they currently make use of their phones and if there are any additional features that they think would be useful.

A new phone requires adjustment for users. The more democratic you can make the process, the more benefits you’ll see from your new phone system.

Think Ahead

Are you going to be hiring soon or changing the way you do certain things?  These types of issues should factor into your decision. You want a phone system that can grow and last for years, not one that you have to replace too soon.

Get Help From The Experts

If this all sounds complicated, that’s because it is. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Early in the process seek the advice of experts who have been offering full-service business phone, internet and IT provider solutions to clients for over 20 years – Digital Agent.  They can help assess your needs, guide you toward the right system, and then efficiently implement.