20 Years of Business Technology Innovation
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20 Years of Business Technology Innovation

Digital Agent Founder Howard Hunter

20 Years of Business Technology Innovation

Atlantas-Best-Brightest-Companies-to-Work-For-2019From its humble beginnings in 1998, Digital Agent has grown to become a leader in the Managed Technology Service Provider space. Started by founder and CEO Howard Hunter as an ISP, the company is now Atlanta’s only MSP capable of providing 100% of SMBs phone, data, IT and network security provider, with the expertise to handle all your business technology needs.

A History of Excellence

Digital Agent has consistently focused on quality over the past two decades. From inception, we’ve maintained a customer-centered mindset. We’re always studying the industry to find better ways of solving your IT needs in affordable and customizable ways.

Some major milestones during our journey include:

  • Starting VoIP service in 2001
  • Owning our own in-house Data Center
  • Being awarded the coveted Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) status
  • Providing IT Helpdesk services since 2007

Current Offerings

Through constant innovation, Digital Agent has evolved to provide the following products and services:

Business Phone and VoIP

We’re both a phone service and a phone system provider, which saves you time and money. Our services are also customizable to suit any business.

Business Internet

Through our managed coax, T1 and Ethernet circuits, we provide the most reliable bandwidth for your business needs.

Managed IT Services

This applies to both new and established businesses that need IT services but don’t have the necessary technical expertise.

Colocation/Data Center

Enjoy the benefits of a data center without the headache of managing it. Our solution has a guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

IT Security

IT services wouldn’t be complete without security features. To tackle ever-present cybersecurity threats, Digital Agent has top-notch solutions such as Sentry and LockNar Firewall.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the future of business, and Digital Agent can guide you. Our IaaS and SaaS products are designed to make your business efficient with an affordable solution.

Given our history of anticipating and adapting to trends, we keep evolving to meet customer demand. More developments are expected in cloud computing, AI, IoT, blockchain, quantum computing, immersive technology, and 5G. As exciting as these technologies are, you need an outstanding MSP to help you harness their full potential.

The Future is Bright

With Digital Agent as your MSP, you benefit from the experience we’ve gained over the last 20 years. We have customized services to meet your needs.  Based in Atlanta, we offer our services all over the U.S. and Canada. Contact us for more information.