VOIP Unified Communications: Critical Desk Phone Features for Teachers
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VOIP Unified Communications: Critical Desk Phone Features for Teachers


VOIP Unified Communications: Critical Desk Phone Features for Teachers

voip-teacher-phone-featuresFor decades, most learning institutions have used low-quality analog systems that have various shortcomings. With the rise of superior VOIP Unified Communications however, teachers could be reaping a ton of benefits.

Main Features of VOIP Unified Communications

A VOIP UC solution such as Switchvox is packed with numerous functional and customizable features for schools. These include:

Mobile Communication On-the-Go

The Switchvox desktop phone mobility feature allow you to communicate as if you’re at your desk. It also guarantees privacy, anyone who calls you only sees your desk phone number.

Easy Customization

You can set various functions according to your schedule. If you’re going to be moving around, transferring calls to your mobile phone is simple.

You can notify other teachers and students of your location, or send calls to voicemail when you’re out of the office.

Dedicated Conference Room

Personalized conference rooms allow you to save time and resources. You can communicate with multiple parents about common activities such as field trips, student assignments, and upcoming graduations.

All of these features enable highly accurate communication which ensures everyone is on the same page. VOIP UC also has other helpful features such as call recording and voicemail-to-email functions to ensure accountability.

Benefits of VOIP UC to Schools

Although VOIP UC has numerous benefits, the most significant are:

Reduced Long-Term Costs Compared to Legacy Communication Systems

The system can also be upgraded with add-ons to address future needs such as data integration, chat, and remote management.

A Variety of Communication Options

These include phone and video calls, emails, SMS, and IM. You get to pick the most suitable method.

Improves Interaction with Other Parties

Whether your school engages in foreign language exchanges, mentorship programs or campus-hosted sports activities, the conference feature makes networking easier.

Better Bell and Notification System

Rather than having a separate and expensive bell system, it can be incorporated into your VOIP UC setup. A smart paging system can be implemented for emergency notifications which significantly improves safety.

Experience the Full Range of Benefits

Our Switchvox system easily integrates with multiple software packages as well as various intercom technologies. Digital Agent is prepared to offer hosted or on premise phone system solutions that offer you the flexibility required in your district’s budget.

Based in Atlanta Digital Agent has been offering business phone services to schools all over the U.S. and Canada since 1998. Whether you are replacing the entire school phone system, or just need IT support, we are nimble and offer customizable solutions  On average our engineers average 15 years of IT experience.  Contact us for your VOIP Unified Communications solution.