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Wifi is down AGAIN!


Wifi is down AGAIN!

business wifiInternet use has become an essential feature of every modern business. As useful as business wifi is, not everyone understands it or is interested in its technical aspects. Setup, maintanence, and security monitoring can be unpredictable, complicated and costly tasks.

Digital Agent’s SkyNet Managed WiFi service ensures your business runs smoothly by taking care of all your needs.

Why You Need Managed Business WiFi

Managed business wifi is convenient because your MSP takes care of installation, maintenance and any add-ons you might need. You get to focus on your core business instead of grappling with routers, cables, access points, and other wifi related functions.

Other benefits include:

Detailed Network Analysis

Before setting up your business wifi, we thoroughly survey your premises to determine the most favorable solutions. Then, we can figure out what you need based on how many devices and people need access, bandwidth requirements, wifi range, and security vulnerabilities.


The cost depends on factors such as the number of devices on your business network, bandwidth requirements, speed requirements and length of service. The longer the contract lasts, the lower you end up paying in monthly fees. After considering the working hours wasted on downtime from a poorly designed network, your savings will prove to be quite significant.


Managed wifi can be customized to address specific needs. We can arrange for your guests to access a separate network from the one used by your staff. Bandwidth restrictions can also be implemented as well as permissions for remote access for certain employees.

For sensitive needs like a secure payment gateway, we can set up a private network to prevent data compromises and legal issues down the road.


While a growing business is good, it also comes with challenges. As more users join your business wifi network, you’ll need to invest in new equipment and bandwidth to maintain quality.

A professional MSP is able to set you up from the beginning to scale well. This ensures you always provide efficient, top-notch services no matter how big you grow.

Use Managed Business WiFi Today

If you’re in need of a comprehensive business wifi solution, Digital Agent’s SkyNet managed wifi is your solution. Whether you’re a new or established business, this service gives you immediate access to all our networking expertise. You get to enjoy all the benefits of fast, affordable and efficient wifi without encountering its technical headaches.

To learn more about the advantages of managed IT services, contact Digital Agent today.  Headquartered in Atlanta, we service clients across North America.