Digital Agent is Redefining the IT Department
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Digital Agent is Redefining the IT Department


Digital Agent is Redefining the IT Department

Information technologiesIT Department such as mobile applications, business internet, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud computing are now considered business essentials.

Many companies are revising the role of the IT department in the wake of this dependence on technology. Given IT’s increasing influence on a company’s overall management, outsourcing to Digital Agent is beneficial for various reasons:

Cost Control

When it comes to cloud services, data centers, and business phone, you only pay for what you use. This is better than in the past when you had to pay fixed costs for resources that were never fully used. It also allows you to reduce your budget for labor costs.

Improved Efficiency

Outsourcing immediately gives you access to a highly skilled team that performs specialized services more efficiently. These include R&D, training, testing, and implementation of new tech and updates. Results are increased productivity and competitiveness.

Focus on Core Objectives

As a testament to the IT department’s importance in the modern organization, CIOs are increasingly picked for the CEO position. They can use their data analysis skills to steer the company forward.  Outsourcing to an MSP prepares you for any digital transformation. It also allows you to focus resources on achieving the company’s overall goals.

Reduced Risk

The biggest internet-related threats are potential malicious attacks. Modern hacking attempts are not one-off events but a continuous effort. MSPs not only thwart actual attacks but implement measures to prevent future ones. This protects your company from potentially harmful consequences such as a loss of trust from customers after a data breach.

Today, IT is in the forefront of policy formulation and implementation. With an MSP, small players gain access to the same technical capabilities as everyone else.

Your IT Department Plays a Central Role in Your Company

Digital Agent has the infrastructure you need. With more than 20 years experience with cutting edge technology, our managed service provider solutions are unmatched. Our expertise spans cybersecurity, business internet, and phone services, cloud computing, and data centers.

Having all these services under one roof guarantees efficiency at affordable rates. Contact us today for more details. We’re based in Atlanta, but provide our services to clients all over the U.S. and Canada.