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A Cyber Aware Business Culture


A Cyber Aware Business Culture

cybersecurityIn the past, cybersecurity was strictly handled by the IT department. As more valuable information is moving to the internet based cloud solutions, malicious users are also increasing their attacks by targeting the end-user.

Such attempts include phishing, SQL injection, man-in-the-middle, password and eavesdropping attacks. To combat such threats, you must cultivate a culture of security awareness in your staff.

How to Nurture a Cyber Aware Business Culture

It’s becoming vital that employees become your business’s first and strongest line of defense against malicious attacks. Businesses must:

Having a Consistent Security Policy

Everyone in your organization must be on the same page of implementing security measures. A clear, well-defined policy that leaves no room for ambiguity is a priority. These measures must also be reviewed regularly to account for ever-changing cybercrime tactics.

Leading by Example

As a leader, walking the talk is a sure way of motivating employees to become more responsible. Follow your new procedures and talk about phishing emails that come your way. Your subordinates are more likely to follow your cue than read and adhere to another policy.

Repetitive Best Practices

Training, testing and promoting cybersecurity awareness should be a continuous process. The more your employees do it, the more it becomes ingrained in their chabits. With time these requirements will become habits which will ultimately transform the company culture.

Setting Achievable Goals

As critical as cybersecurity is to your company, starting small and growing gradually is your best bet for success. Achievable milestones boost employee morale and as their confidence grows, you can introduce more complex measures.

Anyone can be a victim of cyber attacks no matter how tech savvy they are. As you cultivate a cyber aware business culture, remember to:

  • Encourage teamwork and build employee morale.
  • Come up with different ways of spreading cybersecurity awareness. These include newsletters, meetings, and simulated phishing attacks to constantly remind employees of the threats.
  • Expect mistakes along the way as no security measure is completely foolproof.  Rely on reinforcing training instead of heavy-handed tatics.
  • Discourage the notion that cybersecurity matters are strictly the domain of IT experts.

We Guide Your Cybersecurity Awareness Efforts

Given Digital Agent’s expertise and experience with cybersecurity solutions, we understand the technical aspects of cybercrime as well as how employees perceive and respond to threats.

For more information, book an appointment today. We’re based in Atlanta and are in the business of creating customized solutions that fit your business’s real needs and budget.