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Does my business REALLY need Fiber?

business internet

Does my business REALLY need Fiber?

business internetA stable and speedy business internet connection is worth investing in considering the everyday needs of most business.

Most business owners have confirmed that fiber optics gives them a better ROI compared to other types of internet connections.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Fiber


Fiber is faster compared with copper internet connections. With fiber’s 99.999% uptime, your business will never face the challenge of unreliable internet.

Fiber boasts higher bandwidth compared to other options. Though not unlimited, high demands do not interfere with the speed of connections.

Signal Strength

Traditional broadband internet tends to lose strength as you move further from the primary connection point.

When using fiber, your business has a better chance of productivity around the clock and throughout the premises. Fiber does not lose signal strength like traditional connections.

Lower Latency

Fiber-optic internet diminishes the issue of latency that cause delays when downloading and uploading videos and other high-definition content over the internet.

This benefits your business by improving collaboration between workers making it possible to upload and download content undisrupted, and moving more applications to the cloud. The lower latency also gives VoIP users better voice quality.

Better Cloud Access

With more organizations opting for cloud storage of data and applications, fiber allows quick and uninterrupted access to the cloud. You can do anything using cloud technology, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and high volume data storage.

Connect With Digital Agent

You may be worried about the high cost of installation, but fiber might already be available to you without you even knowing it! To get an honest look at your options for a fiber-optic internet experience, contact Digital Agent, a business internet service provider which has been offering an array of business phone, internet and IT services across the U.S. and Canada for 20 years.