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Cybersecurity Checklist for Modern SMBs

cybersecurity checklist

Cybersecurity Checklist for Modern SMBs

cybersecurity checklistSmall and medium businesses need to know and understand the various types of cybersecurity threats that could impact them. A good tool to keep your company safe and secure is a cybersecurity checklist. By using a checklist, you are less likely to overlook potential threats that could harm your business.

Keep On Top of the Latest Threats

Continuing education is key to effective cybersecurity. It’s hard to protect your business effectively if you don’t know what threats are out there. When dealing with the internet, new threats are continually being introduced. It’s up to you to find them before they find you.

Regularly Monitor Your Network

DNS-layer security can keep employees from inviting risky sites onto your network, and security awareness training will help your users recognize signs of an attack. Regularly scheduled security audits so you can find and predict potential weaknesses before an attack becomes detrimental.

Have A Disaster Response Plan in Place

Another key factor in enhancing your online security is to have a well-thought-out disaster response plan in place. This can include backing up your entire system on a daily basis, or several times a day, depending on your needs. Hire a company like Digital Agent to help you get up and running again if you do experience an issue.

Prepare for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Never scrimp on mobile security. Many companies now tolerate some degree of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, giving employees increased convenience and employer accessibility. But convenience is a compromise and, whether it be from everyday theft or a malicious app, mobile devices are a weak point in many company’s security.

No one piece is a a fix-all solution, but tiered defenses make a business more resilient against cybercrime. Ensure your business has multiple layers of defense in place.

Digital Agent does the Heavy Lifting

Having been in the marketplace for the past 20 years, Digital Agent has seen too many companies hit with cybersecurity issues.  Many businesses call Digital Agent after the damage has been done.  To mitigate your company’s cybersecurity threats, call Digital Agent now and let them do the heavy lifting.