Why System Administrators Love Switchvox
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Why System Administrators Love Switchvox


Why System Administrators Love Switchvox

Switchvox Switchvox is an all-inclusive business phone system that includes a variety of features designed to make work easier both in and out of the office. System administrators love how simple Switchvox is to use and its flexibility in terms of providing maximum convenience at a reasonable price. Managers can effectively perform tasks using multiple devices from different locations making it easy to use.


Switchvox is a cost-effective option for system administrators for several reasons. It includes features that meet the needs of every aspect of a business. This means that you can control everything from a digital perspective with one, easy to use system, instead of multiple systems with additional costs. With Switchvox, everything is integrated into one system that is designed to be all-inclusive.


Switchvox’s design makes it convenient and easy to use. You can easily work your way through the entire system through various quick links and drop-down menus that allow you to move from one section to another within a few seconds. The easy to use menus allow you to access information immediately without having to go outside the system for answers.

Permissions and Integration

Switchvox provides permissions to individuals within the office who need access to specific areas during the course of their workday. Phone systems are integrated to allow for call routing, call recording, and advanced automation that uses interactive systems that are voice-controlled. The system can easily be integrated with other platforms that allow all of them to work as one cohesive unit.

System administrators will always look for ways to make their office run as smoothly as possible. Switchvox gives them all of the tools and features they need in one convenient location. The cost is affordable and the system allows for platforms to be easily integrated so everyone has the access they need to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Partner for Success with Digital Agent

Since 1998 Digital Agent has been offering business phone solutions throughout North America.  Unique to the industry, Digital Agent offers businesses “one throat to choke” so that when a problem arises, you call your “digital agent” who takes care of the problem.  Contact Digital Agent today to determine whether Switchvox is right for your business.