Common Fears about Upgrading an Old Business Phone System
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Common Fears about Upgrading an Old Business Phone System

business phone system

Common Fears about Upgrading an Old Business Phone System

business phone systemIf you’re still using a legacy business phone system, you may have noticed a few shortcomings. For instance, you probably have to pay separately for related services such as email, mobility and data analytics.

The solution is to upgrade to a unified communications system such as Switchvox. Although you may already know the benefits of upgrading, some factors might still be holding you back.

Common Misgivings about Upgrading Old Business Phone Systems

Most executives give the following reasons for not investing in a brand new phone system:

Upgrading is Inconvenient

It’s understandable to be so used to a system that any other alternative seems unpleasant. Some organizations resist change even when the benefits are clearly outlined.

Adopting UC doesn’t mean overhauling your entire legacy PBX. Switchvox has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to understand. Installing it will be a smooth transition to a more feature-rich system.

It Will be Expensive

Another misconception is that new systems must be expensive to both purchase and maintain. Before investing in one, make sure you do thorough research regarding your company’s communication needs.

High quality and expertly installed business phone systems actually save you substantial resources in the long run. Besides being easily scalable, one system can be used by all staff including those in the field and in various branches.

With Switchvox you can pick from three major options: on-premise, virtual and cloud. This allows you to have the most efficient business phone system at the most affordable cost.

Fear of the Unknown

Given the fast pace of technological advancement, you may have a hard time choosing the best business phone solution. Some companies fear they might invest substantial resources in a new system only for it to become obsolete shortly afterward.

This fear is unfounded with smart UC solutions such as Switchvox. Because the system utilizes resources such as cloud computing and virtual machines, you’re always guaranteed the latest version.

New features are also automatically added to your communications suite, which eliminates the need to overhaul the entire system and reduces long term maintenance costs.

Get a Personalized Business Phone System

Digital Agent’s Switchvox UC is the smart solution for modern businesses. Other than solving your communication needs, it includes useful and affordable collaboration tools.

Our two decades of experience with various IT services means we are best placed to implement your communication solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Service Provider products and services.  Based in Atlanta, we serve clients in the U.S. and Canada.